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11.3m C-band, Ku-band Rx Only Antenna

Features of 11.3m C-band, Ku-band Rx Only Antenna
● Dual shape ring-focus design
● Aluminum major reflector & sub reflector with high precision
● Fashionable design, easy installation and adjustment
● Factory feed system and king post pedestal assembled to reduce installation time
● No field alignment required
● Well in anti-corrosion
● Excellent in stability

Main parts
● Feed horn
● Reflector
● Radial beams
● Hub
● 2-axis motorized king post pedestal
● Foundation kit

● Dual linear polarization / dual circular polarization
● C/Ku dual band feed system
● POL motorized
● Controller, Beacon receiver
● Intelligent pressurization dehydrator
● Waveguide switch
● Anti-icing system
● Lightning rod
● Site installation and commissioning support
● Customized available

Specification of 11.3m C-band, Ku-band Rx Only Antenna
1. Frequency(GHz) 3.625-4.2 12.25-12.75
3.4-4.2 ★ 10.95-12.75 ★
2. Typical Gain(dBi) 51.51 at 3.8GHz 61.53 at 12.5GHz
3. VSWR 1.25:1 1.3:1
4. Beamwidth (-3dB) 0.437° 0.138°
5. Antenna Noise Temperature(K) 1/2Port Feed 1/2Port Feed
10°Elevation 31K 37K
20°Elevation 27K 32K
40°Elevation 23K 29K
6. Typical G/T at 20°EL 33.95dB/K (3.8GHz, 30K LNA) 41.44dB/K (12.5GHz, 70K LNA)
7. Feed Interface CPR-229 WR-75
8. Feed Insertion Loss 0.2dB 0.25dB
9. Tx to Rx Isolation ≥85dB ≥85dB
10. Axial Ratio (dB) 0.75dB 1dB
11. Cross Pol Isolation
On Axis ≥30dB ≥30dB
12. Sidelobes CCIR.580-6 CCIR.580-6
1. Antenna Type Dual-reflector 1. Wind Loading, Operational (Maintain Precision) 60mph(97km/h)
2. Drive Type Motorized 2. Wind Loading, Operational (Decrease Precision) 65mph(105km/h)
3. AZ Travel ±90°(3 segments) 3. Wind Loading, Survival (Fixed Heavenward) 125mph(200km/h)
4. EL Travel 5° to 90° 4. Ambient Temperature -40°C to 60°C
5. POL Travel ±90° 5. Rain 100mm/h
6. Reflector Material Precision formed aluminum 6. Relative Humidity 0 to 100%
7. Reflector Segments 32 7. Solar Radiation 360 BTU/h/ft2 (1000Kcal/h/m2 )
8. Mount Type King post pedestal 8. Ice 25mm on all surface or 13mm on all surface with 130km/h wind gusts
9. Shock and Vibration As encountered during shipment by commercial air, sea or truck
    10.Seismic (Survival) 0.3G's horizontal, 0.15G's vertical
Products can be customized. Other frequency range needed can be customized. Please refer to our company for details.
Our company reserves the right of final interpretation. Any design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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