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De-icing System

Brief Introduction of De-icing System
Satellite Antenna De-icing System consists of Reflector Heater (Half and Full), Feed horn Heater and Temperature Control Unit. There are two kinds of Reflector Heater System: Hot-Air De-Icing and Electric De-icing, and customers can make choice according to actual situation.

Here we take 5.36m RxTx antenna for example:

1. Summary
This De-icing System belongs to electric heating de-icing system. Its rationale is that laying electric heating material, high-temperature resistant thermal insulation material successively, when power on to make it start working, the heat produced by electrical heating element will pass to the antenna surface, which removes snow and prevents it from storing. The advantages of such system are fast heating speed, uniform heating and slow heat dissipation, which can achieve good de-icing results.

Technical Specification

1/2 Main & Sub Reflector De-icing System
●Operating voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
●Operating power: 10KW (5.36m)
●Snow melting time:
<5min (Snow cover of antenna surface, 3mm)
<100min (Snow cover of antenna surface, 60mm)

Feed De-icing System
●Operating voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
●Operating power: 1000W
●Snow melting time: <3min

Drive Unit
●Operating voltage: 380V±10% 50Hz
●Operating temperature: -12℃ ~ +50℃

Remote Control Unit
●Operating voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
●Operating power: 100W
●Temperature setting range: 5℃~18℃
●Temperature display resolution: 1C
●Current display resolution: 1A

Environmental specification
●Indoor temperature: +5℃ ~ + 35℃
●Indoor humidity: ≤90%
●Outdoor temperature: -50℃ ~ +50℃
●Outdoor humidity: ≤98%

Composition and Configuration

The whole De-icing System is composed of Antenna Main & Sub Reflector De-icing Device, Feed De-icing Device, Drive Unit and Remote Control Unit.

Reflector De-icing Device
Regarding 5.36m satellite earth station antenna, our company applies special cover plate technology, which has firm structure and nice appearance. The way of heating unit panel is convenient for maintenance or replace in the future.

Back of Main Reflector De-icing Device

Feed De-icing Device
It is composed of blower, heating rod, feed blowpipe and control unit (connected as a whole together with Main & Sub Reflector De-icing Device’s Control Unit).

Feed De-icing Device

Drive Unit
Drive Unit is mainly composed of control module, leakage protection device and so on. Supply 380V power, and then the electricity is assigned to the heating units of Reflector De-icing Device’s two partitions as well as Feed De-icing Device through leakage protection device; every drive unit is supplied 380V; control module forward the signal of remote control end to the heating units of every partitions.

Drive Unit has the function of leakage protection and overcurrent protection. It will cut off the circuit automatically when there is electric leakage in the heating units of Reflector De-icing Device’s two partitions or Feed De-icing Device.

  • Two Partitions of Reflector De-icing Device
  • Drive Unit
Remote Control Unit
  • Panel of Control Unit
Connection diagram of control unit and drive unit
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