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HUAXIN ANTENNA is committed to provide first-class satellite communication earth station antennas and the installation, testing and maintenance of the corresponding control system. Our R&D and service departments have a team of skilled and experienced engineers, equipped with advanced design and production facilities, we proudly offer and thrive to provide various services that meet the technical requirements of satellite earth station.

Service advantages:
● Professional and experienced installation team
● Advanced installation equipment and facilities.
● No field reflector alignment required, factory integrated assembly and alignment,
Service items:
● On-site survey and evaluation
● Turn-key installation of earth station antenna system
● Old antenna dismantling, moving and re-assembly
● Old antenna refurbishment, renovation and upgrades

HUAXIN ANTENNA has various categories of high quality antenna products, as well as experienced engineering team, we provides the whole set of technical support, including installation, inspection and delivery, test and operation training. HUAXIN also has a professional research and test center including feed technology laboratory, microwave test center and antenna far-field test center, which provides strong support to product development and testing.

Service items:
● Factory calibration and commissioning
● Electrical performance test of feeder
● Satellite alignment and far- field testing

After-sales Service
HUAXIN ANTENNA is committed to provide high quality after-sales service. Client's need and satisfaction is our first. For each client, we take their requirement in detail and analyze it together with environmental condition, thus ensure that they can receive the most complete technical solutions and excellent after-sales service.
Over 30 years of development and serving our valuable clients, HUAXIN ANTENNA has established great reputation and accumulated extensive experience. With the core value of honesty and responsibility, together with our advanced technology, we provide timely, complete and quality after-sales service.
● Weekday after-sales phone online support
● 24-hour hot line for client Q&A
● Professional technical
● Technical training for antenna installation and adjustment

Customized Service
HUAXIN ANTENNA can provide professional customized service to satisfy client's individual needs.
We welcome each client to communicate technical requirements with our technicians before customizing antennas.
Through technical consultation with our technicians, clients can get the following information:
Customized antenna application feasibility;
Customized antenna's preliminary solution;
The solution's evaluation and suggestions;
Cooperation model options.

Before you can get perfect customized service, please kindly advise the following requirements:
1. Antenna size (Diameter)?
2. Rx only (TVRO) or RxTx?
3. Quantity?
4. Reflector Material (e.g. Carbon Fiber or Aluminum)?
5. Which band (e.g. C, Ku, Ka, L, X, S, DBS …)?
6. Frequency range?
7. Gain?
8. Polarization (Linear, Circular)?
9. How many ports (Receive and Transmit)?
10. Manual or Motorized?
...and other requirements



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